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I just want to thank you for the lovely Patchwork parties. I have done two of them and I;m about to embark on the 2010 one. I truly enjoy going out to the letterbox and finding my next parcel, opening it and seeing the lovely materials. I also thank you for allowing us patchworkers from New Zealand,  to  be part of it. Once again good on you all  for the latest party.

Jeannette Sorensen

I am anxious to start this new quilt, I did the 2009 and it turned out beautiful, in fact I used it as a wedding gift. The colors look so nice and I like the designs, it is so nice to get the material and pattern, it really takes the work out of choosing designs myself. 
Thanks for a new project !

Betty Miller

Hi, Deb! Won't be participating in the Patchwork Party, as I've just finished piecing the American Beauty BOM using this same gorgeous line of fabrics, in the black colorway. Just wanted to put in a word to potential participants that this a fabulous collection, and they won't be disappointed with their results. I'm not a big fan of templates, usually, but Marti's have made me a convert! Her cutting layouts are great, and the trimmed-off points made matching edges and corners of patches a breeze. Hope everyone has a great time at the Party!

Ann H.
Arvada, CO

These fabrics are absolutely gorgeous!! This is my third Patchwork Party; I wish I had known about it from the beginning. I had trouble with the templates initially and put it away until I got this fabric and realized I would have to tackle the templates again. After I got some grippers on them they didn't shift when I was cutting and were much easier with which to work. Now I do like them and have subsequently finished my original blocks and these blocks and most of the ones from the 2010 Winter Edition. I'm waiting for my finishing kit to complete it. What a great idea and I'm already anxious for the fall/winter edition!!

Appleton, WI

Everything about Patchwork Party is the best , I enjoy working with the templates created by Marti , I purchased both sets B and D, and the fabrics colors work so well together and comes out beautiful. I am  very pleased how the blocks look.And the choice to pick out your finish kit is also great,they are all beatuiful and with such creativity it is hard to choose. It is really fun to put these blocks together, the directions are so nicely illustrated with every step there is no mistakes as long as you take your time and read the directions ,than follow though. I also like to browes the quilting sites that particapate with this porgram, I found two of my favorite web sites though this program too. I purchased 2010 Spring Patchwork Party, looking forward to another. Thanks for ALL who made it possible to have this much fun quilting!


"The blocks are lovely this season, better than last.  I like the pink and blue.  Some of the settings are a little odd and much too large. I do not have a good eye for color and design so finding these kits which work up wonderfully is great for me. This will be my spring project.  Thanks for having this program!"

Alton, IL

"I absolutely love Marti Micehell's templates. Thank you for providing another opportunity to use them. The fabric selection this time is beautiful. I've been participating since the first Patchwork Party and I think the blocks keep getting better and better. Keep them coming."

Judy Davenport

"Just wanted to let you know I loved it!!. I finished it and sent it to my mom today as a gift and will let you know how she liked it. I learned so many piecing skills and loved the range of choices for finishing. I chose the Homespun Hearth kit and it worked up like a dream. Each block took me about an hour to do ( less as I got comfortable with the template system) and the finishing took me about 6 hours. Cant wait for the next one."

Robin Johnson,
Middleburg FL

"I love the whole patchwork party idea!!  So fun to look at.  But I have one suggestion.  Perhaps you could show quilts made all with only one block.  There are a couple blocks that I would love to do a complete quilt with, but it would be nice to have an idea of what it would look like, especially if you want to make any color changes.  Again, a fun website, thanks."


" I loved your idea of the Patchwork Party.  The squares and the fabric were also great.  Hope you do another one.  All my friends saw what I was doing and want to get involved next time.  Thanks again." 

Nancy Zemke


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