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Welcome to the Party! Here are a few tips to help make this the best party you've ever been to! If you've been to the Patchwork Party before, please review this information, as some of it is new to this Party.

In the block instructions, you may notice that the black and white key for fabrics B, J and K is the same for all three fabrics. The Bittersweet fabric line had many beautiful golden/rust tone-on-tone fabrics. Because the use of multiple similar fabrics adds texture and interest to a quilt, we chose to use 3 of them. Since they are not used together in the same block, we used the same symbol for each one. We have prepared a downloadable Color Fabric Key, which may be helpful in identifying the fabrics in your block kits.

Because the 12" blocks in this quilt are based on a 7 by 7 grid, all units have unusual measurements. Download this PDF to learn how to use larger templates to confirm the size of pieced units.

Even when you're working with small pieces of fabric like the ones in your block kits, we recommend that you cut strips first, then cut the triangles, etc., from strips. To determine the strip widths needed for the various shapes, refer to the cutting layouts in the patterns, to the From Marti Michell Perfect Patchwork Template Set L product sheet, or to the full-size patterns in each block kit. More information is included in The Best Way to Measure and Cut Strips PDF, which you may download from this page.

Cutting layouts are drawn to scale. Pieces are arranged to show you how they fit on the fabrics in your block kits. Cut carefully, as there is little extra fabric, and save all your scraps in case you need a small piece later.

Template Cutting Tricks - Several of the blocks feature pieces that are cut with one template and altered with another template to create a new shape. Follow the cutting layouts in the block instructions. More details are shown in the Cutting Tricks PDF.

We suggest making the blocks in the following order to build skills:

  1. Coronet Surrounded   7. Mother's Choice
  2. Tea in the Garden   8. Herald Square
  3. Palace Garden   9. Magnolia Court
  4. Astoria   10. Circle of Friends
  5. Dogwood Crossing   11. Knight and Day
  6. Turley's Inn   12. Coat of Arms

It is important that you sew with an accurate quarter-inch seam allowance. All blocks are 12" finished.

Feel free to print this page for reference as you collect your block kits, and a color page showing all the blocks that you can use as a checklist to keep track of which blocks you have ordered.

There are even more blocks to make with Set L in the Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks, Volume 4.

Don't forget the Party closes on January 1, after which block kits (and by extension, block patterns) will no longer be available. Have fun making your blocks and selecting a finishing kit for your beautiful quilt!

Marti Michell


October 1, 2011 through January 31, 2012