Tips from Marti!

Welcome to the Party

Here are a few tips to help make this the best party you've ever been to! If you've been to the Patchwork Party before, please review this information, as some of it is new to this Party.

This year you have a choice! These beautiful fabrics from RJR's Arabella Rose line by Marianne Elizabeth run in two basic color combinations: green/raspberry and purple/rust. You need to make a choice early in the program as to which color combination you will follow. Visit the Patchwork Party shops online and decide which colorway you like best in the 12 choices for finishing kits.

Decide which color story you would like to use, then make all of your blocks in that color story. In each block kit you will find the necessary fabrics for BOTH selections. Choose the Fabric E and/or H that go with your color story and make all of your blocks that way. Put the extra fabrics in your stash. Or Buy 2 of every block kit and make one quilt from each color story!

View these shops for the green/raspberry finishing designs:

Quilted Treasures
Grandma's Attic Quilting
Shabby Fabrics
Quilt Quarters
Thimble Creek
Suzanne's Quilt Shoppe

View these shops for the purple/rust finishing designs:

Everything Quilts
Fabric Essentials
Cozy Quilts
Stitchin' Heaven
Pine Needles
Quilting by the Bay

Click here to download a color fabric key for all the blocks.

Even when you're working with small pieces of fabric like the ones in your block kits, we recommend that you cut strips first, then cut the triangles, etc., from strips. To determine the strip widths needed for the various shapes, refer to the cutting layouts in the patterns, to the From Marti Michell Perfect Patchwork Template Set L product sheet, or to the full-size patterns in each block kit. More information is included in The Best Way to Measure and Cut Strips PDF, which you may download from this page.

Cutting layouts are drawn to scale. Pieces are arranged to show you how they fit on the fabrics in your block kits. Cut carefully, as there is little extra fabric, and save all your scraps in case you need a small piece later.

We suggest making the blocks in the following order to build skills:

1. Castle in the Sky
2. Echo
3. Spin the Top
4. Triple Promenade
5. Cracker Jax
6. Coney Island Star
7. Lazy Jane
8. Star Struck in the Middle
9. Garden Star
10.Christmas Star Within a Star
11.Sweet 16 & More
12.Sunbursts II

It is important that you sew with an accurate quarter-inch seam allowance. All blocks are 12" finished.

Because we first learn about pressing directions on 4-patches and 9-patches, and they have such nice pressing solutions, we tend to think every combination of pieces has a "perfect" pressing direction. For some blocks, there is no perfect pressing direction. Our instructions are simply what we like on those blocks.

Feel free to print this page for reference as you collect your block kits, and a color page showing all the blocks that you can use as a checklist to keep track of which blocks you have ordered.

There are even more blocks to make with Set B in the Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks, Volume 1.

Don't forget that, when the Party is over in January, block kits (and by extension, block patterns) will no longer be available. Have fun making your blocks and selecting a finishing kit for your beautiful quilt!

-- Marti Michell